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At PeoplesBank, we want every closing to feel more like an opening. Whether you're purchasing or refinancing, your mortgage is the beginning of a lifetime of memories. When you need a mortgage or a home equity line of credit, we're here to help you reach your goals and start making memories today.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Lock in today's low interest rates - your monthly payment will never change.

Choose from a variety of fixed rate terms.

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Interest rates and monthly payments are locked in for a specified initial period - and may vary thereafter. Maximum rate adjustment of 2% per review; 6% over life of loan.

Choose from a variety of terms.

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First Time Home Buyer

Looking to purchase your first home?

Our First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) programs are designed to help make your home ownership goals possible.

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Jumbo Loan

Jumbo Mortgages are available for loans above $510,400. We offer fixed or variable rate options. Contact a PeoplesBank Mortgage Consultant for more information.

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Construction Loan

Choose a fixed rate loan with one closing. Finance up to 80% of the construction cost or appraised value (whichever is less) of your new home, and you'll make interest-only payments during construction. Your mortgage may include up to 80% of the land cost.

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Non-Owner Occupied Property

Looking for an investment opportunity? Lock in one of today's fixed rate loans for your 1 to 4 family investment property. With a minimum of 20% down, you will know that your monthly principal and interest payments will never change.

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Community Heroes Mortgage

To reward those who serve the community, we have developed a special opportunity to help purchase the home of your dreams. As little as 1% down payment!

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Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Free Pre-Qualification

Strengthen your offer and have peace-of-mind with a free pre-qualification letter from PeoplesBank.

  • Know how much house you can afford – no surprises
  • Sellers prefer a proven qualified buyer – separate your offer with a pre-qualification letter
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Mortgage Consultants

Our Mortgage Consultants are dedicated to helping you find the right mortgage on your own terms.

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picture of Lisa Baltronis
Lisa Baltronis,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 40125
Office Phone:413.565.5126
Mobile Phone:413.237.4752
Fax: 413.565.5233
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picture of Beverly Orloski
Beverly Orloski,
V.P. Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 681787
Office Phone:413.256.4544
Mobile Phone:413.537.2782
Fax: 413.256.5400
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picture of Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 1622064
Office Phone:413.493.7428
Mobile Phone:413.207.5396
Fax: 413.612.0005
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picture of Jared Sundberg
Jared Sundberg,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 1458758
Office Phone:413.493.7492
Mobile Phone:413.310.0402
Fax: 413.782.3284
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picture of Victor H. Rodriguez Sr.
Victor H. Rodriguez Sr.,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 523353
Office Phone:413.493.7403
Mobile Phone:413.302.1063
Fax: 413.322.6642
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picture of Angela Liebel
Angela Liebel,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 621451
Office Phone:413.493.8627
Mobile Phone:413.333.7666
Fax: 413.322.6649
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picture of Kathleen A. Caputo
Kathleen A. Caputo,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 466604
Office Phone:413.493.8722
Mobile Phone:413.695.5757
Fax: 413.322.6646
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picture of John Peterson
John Peterson,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 681793
Office Phone:413.493.8718
Mobile Phone:413.426.8347
Fax: 413.322.6618
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picture of Gulasar Niyazova
Gulasar Niyazova,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 1420818
Office Phone:413.493.8636
Mobile Phone:413.310.5892
Fax: 413.572.6766
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picture of Eric Coutinho
Eric Coutinho,
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID# 1801388
Office Phone:413.493.8233
Mobile Phone:413.275.5051
Fax: 860.668.3954
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Please call413.538.9500for information regarding this location.

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