Manage your funds with a variety of options.

Account Reconciliation

Eliminate manual reconciliation and balancing of accounts through Account Reconciliation. Depending on your business needs, we will provide a solution to automate your reconciliation and reporting processes, saving you time and increasing your staff productivity.

Electronic Payments Reporting

Electronic Payments Reporting is a more efficient and cost-effective process to reconcile your business accounts.

Escrow Checking Account

Simplify your management of tenant security deposits with an Escrow Checking account.

  • Manage tenant security deposits or escrow funds
  • Save time with automated annual interest disbursement
  • Easily manage your accounts with monthly reporting
  • Convenient streamlined account opening and closing process

Automatic Sweep to Line of Credit

Excess funds will automatically sweep to your line of credit based on the minimum balance requirement in your checking account, reducing interest expense.

As needed, the loan sweep advances from your line of credit to meet your daily cash needs.

Automatic Sweep to Investment Account

Invest balances while maintaining liquidity.

Excess funds above a predetermined required balance are automatically transferred to the investment account.* If the balance falls below that required balance, funds are swept back into the checking account to cover disbursements on a daily basis.

Zero Balance Accounts

Consolidate balances into one main operating account but maintain separate collection and disbursement accounts for record keeping purposes.

Eliminate the need to maintain balances in multiple accounts and the need to make manual cash transfers.

To learn more about PeoplesBank's Cash Management solutions, email Cash Management or call 413.493.7517.

Additional Cash Management Solutions

Legal Information & Disclosures

* The Investment Account is not a deposit of, guaranteed or an obligation of the bank, is not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency or other type of deposit insurance, and may be subject to risk and loss of principal.