Welcome to a new way to pay.

Discover the convenience of paying with a single touch.

Pay in-store, in-app or online almost anywhere you shop. Simply add your PeoplesBank Visa® Debit Card to Google Pay™ - and pay with a single touch.

Pay confidently on the go with Google Pay.

Use your PeoplesBank Visa┬« card with Google Pay.Add your PeoplesBank Visa® debit card to Google Pay and enjoy the simplicity of paying in-store or in-app:

  • Pay with your phone instead of reaching for your wallet
  • Protect your card information with multiple layers of security
  • Just unlock to pay, no need to open an app

Getting started with Google Pay is simple:

  1. Download the Google Pay app
  2. Add your PeoplesBank Visa card — it’s as simple as snapping a photo
  3. Pay confidently at over a million locations in the U.S.

See a full list of Google Pay places to pay.

Look for these icons at checkout to use Google Pay.

Look for the Google Pay icon at checkout to use Google Pay.     Look for this symbol to use mobile pay.

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