Thank you for your interest in our Community Care Program.

The following guidelines are intended to inform communities and non-profit organizations about PeopleBank's commitment, focus and application procedures.

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Focus Areas

  • Academic Excellence
  • Community Vibrancy
  • Environmental Sustainability

Academic Excellence

Programs and Initiatives that support:

  • Academic Achievement and Success of Youth
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Skill Development
  • Financial Education

Community Vibrancy

Programs and Initiatives that support:

  • Home Ownership
  • Affordable Housing Development and Retention
  • Community Revitalization
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency

Environmental Sustainability

Programs and Initiatives that support:

  • Conservation and Preservation Efforts
  • Environmental Education
  • Renewable Energy

Types of Support

PeoplesBank provides program grants, program and event sponsorship that are directed to the communities where we have offices. They are primarily made to support specific programs that promote academic excellence, community vibrancy and environmental sustainability and are generally not intended for annual operating support.

In-Kind contributions of equipment, facilities, and technical resources are made when appropriate.

General Guidelines

We accept applications from 501(c)3 Organizations located in Hampden and/or Hampshire Counties in Massachusetts and Hartford County in Connecticut that serve the communities where PeoplesBank offices are located.

We give preference for funding programs that benefit low and moderate income and under-served populations.

We will only review one proposal from an organization during each calendar year.

We typically award only one grant or sponsorship for an organization during each calendar year.

To be considered, please apply for funding at least 90 days in advance of the date of the actual program/project start and/or event date.

Please understand that support in one year does not guarantee continued support in future years. PeoplesBank does not generally contribute to:

  • National Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Labor, Political, Lobbying or Fraternal Organizations
  • Annual Operating Support
  • Conferences, Seminars and Trips, including transportation costs
  • Endowment Funds

How to Apply

We welcome your interest in our work and your potential partnership. We would appreciate your cooperation in submitting your request for a program grant, program sponsorship or event sponsorship with our online application.

Have questions? View our Community Care FAQs to help answer any questions you may have about our focus areas, guidelines and application process.

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