The Innovation Series

PeoplesBank began with an innovative idea. In 1885, community members came together and started a mutual bank. Mutual banks are unique in that they are not owned by stockholders, but instead are responsible to depositors and therefore the community. Today, innovation remains a core value at PeoplesBank. The bank is often recognized as being first to market amongst community banks with new services and technologies that make banking more convenient and operations more efficient.

The Innovation Series was designed and produced with that value in mind and the belief that the bank can not only be innovative, but help inspire innovation as well. With the help of Valley Venture Mentors, The Innovation Series will highlight the growth of entrepreneurialism in our region as well as the secrets of success realized by startup founders.

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Hot Oven Cookies

"I'm an average person who decided to start a business on a dream. Hot Oven Cookies was just an idea on a napkin." Learn how entrepreneur Sheila Coon turned her sweet vision into a reality and is now sharing the cookie love in this episode of the PeoplesBank Innovation Series hosted by Matthew Bannister, First Vice President of Marketing & Innovation.


Aclarity, LLC is developing innovative water purification devices for various applications including a comprehensive home treatment solution to ensure safe, clean, and reliable drinking water. In this episode, Matthew Bannister, First Vice President Marketing and Innovation interviews Julie Bliss Mullen, Founder and Barrett Mully, Co-Founder of Aclarity.


AnyCafé, Inc. is creating innovative, portable products that allow you to better enjoy beverages on the go. In this episode, Matt Bannister, First Vice President of Marketing and Innovation interviews Logan Carlson, President & CEO and Evan Choquette, Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer of AnyCafé.

New England Breath Technologies

New England Breath Technologies (NEBT) is developing the world's first pain-free glucose detector. In this episode, Matt Bannister, First Vice President of Marketing and Innovation interviews Ronny Priefer, PhD Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer and Michael Rust, PhD Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of NEBT.

Valley Venture Mentors

In this episode, Matt Bannister, First Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, interviews Scott Foster, co-founder of Valley Venture Mentors (VVM) and Liz Roberts, CEO of VMM. VVM is building, supporting, and maintaining a community to launch an entrepreneurial renaissance. By nurturing startups, we impact the employees they hire, the customers they serve, and the neighborhoods they revitalize.

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