Birthday celebration at the office.

Companies That Keep Talent All Do These 3 Things

It can be an uphill battle for small businesses to keep their team together. After all, how can you compete with the larger companies that offer top healthcare and childcare packages, especially when accompanied by onsite day care and free lunches? Here are some ways for you to retain top talent at your small business. Read More

E-Commerce Business Tips

6 Steps to Jumpstarting Your E-Commerce Platform

Whether you're just starting an online business, or, you’re an existing brick-and-mortar that’s migrating your business online, if you’re the kind of entrepreneur who wants to light the world on fire, you need a plan. Here are the six steps you must take to create an online strategy that drives sales and fuels rapid growth. Read More


5 Keys to Forming an A-List Advisory Board

From ongoing product feedback to investor due diligence, media interviews, customer prospects and more, a strong advisory board can change the course of a company in ways it can't accomplish through any other method. For those looking to get a stellar advisory board together, here are five key steps: Read More

Joan Leahy

4 Ways to Steer the Customer Journey to Your Front Door

"If you want to win online or offline sales," suggests Joan Leahy, Vice President of Marketing for PeoplesBank, "it has never been more important than now to understand how your customer will get to you and what will motivate them to become just that - your customer." Read More

Margaret Lenihan

Unlock Potential: 5 Successful Secrets to Motivating Employees

As a business, your most valuable assets are your employees. When your staff is happy and motivated, they're more likely to perform at the highest levels. "The best way to create this type of environment is by giving everyone a sense of ownership," says Margaret Lenihan, Senior Vice President, Cash Management at PeoplesBank. Read More