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Republican Outlook: Banking on Innovation

HOLYOKE, MA (February 17, 2017) – “Innovation is a core competency of our country, as we demonstrate over and over again. While trips to the moon are in our past, and visits to Mars off in the distant future, today we apply the principles of hard work and creative thinking to solve challenges in healthcare, social services, education, and, of course, business,” explained Thomas Senecal, President & CEO of PeoplesBank in a recent article published by The Republican and MassLive.

“It is that latter endeavor that many in my seat find themselves contemplating quite frequently, especially when the reality of what made us great - stability - is not necessarily what might propel us to grow -- innovative change.”

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About: PeoplesBank is a leader in innovation, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, and employee engagement. Our three LEED® certified offices are environmentally friendly, and we have financed more than $111 million in wind, hydroelectric, and solar energy projects.

As the largest community bank in the market, we have a unique ability to help the communities we serve through volunteer efforts and millions of dollars in donations to charitable and civic causes. Our associates devote an average of 6,000 hours to volunteer work each year, and 48 of the bank’s officers serve on the boards of directors and committees of 115 nonprofit organizations in the area.

As a mutual bank, PeoplesBank is responsible to its depositors, employees, and the community. This organizational structure allows us to focus on the long-term viability of the bank and the best interests of our customers.

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