Homeownership Tips & Tactics


Homeownership Tips & Tactics: Renovate or Buy?Renovate or Buy New: 5 Questions to Help you Decide

Every homeowner wants things in a home that their current home doesn't offer. The question is, do you transform what you've got or find something new to meet your changing needs...

"When is comes to remodeling or selling your home, the decision needs to extend beyond finances, "said Beverly Orloski...

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Homeownership Tips & Tactics: Home Improvements to Raise the Value of Your HomeTips of the Trade: Home Improvements to Raise the Value of Your Home

Buying a home is one of the best investments you can make. Yet there are many things you can do to keep that investment growing. We've outlined the five home improvements you can make to get the best return on your investment and raise the value of your home, according to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report...

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Homeownership Tips & Tactics: Mortgage Insider Secrets5 Secrets from Mortgage Insiders

Most first time homebuyers are nervous when thinking about the home purchase and getting a mortgage loan. Reaching out to work with a Mortgage Specialist can help them understand what to expect. 

More than and other loan, the mortgage process can be intimidating to the average consumer...

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