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Business Cash Management Solutions

Spend more time on your business, less on your banking.

Cash Management services are an important aspect of managing the cash flow of your business. Our Cash Management team will work with you to select the solutions that are right for you now and combine them with others as your business needs grow.

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In addition to viewing up-to-date business account information including check images and account statements, you are able to establish individual users with specific entitlements and transaction controls. Additional products available and requiring additional documentation include wire transfers, ACH transactions, fraud mitigation tools, automated reconciliation services, and Business eDeposit.



Business eDeposit (Remote Deposit Capture)

PeoplesBank Business eDeposit enables you to make deposits electronically.

Business eDeposit

  • Scan your checks
  • Verify and balance deposit information
  • Electronically transmit secured deposit and check images to PeoplesBank

NEW Business eDepositPlus

With Business eDepositPlus you get all the benefits of Business eDeposit with the ability to process and capture payment information. Learn more.

  • Scan remittance
  • Integrates with accounting software and QuickBooksTM
  • Eliminates dual processes, making the collections process faster and more efficient

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks without leaving your office.

Download the Cash Management Mobile App Today - iOS/Android Users: Visit the Apple App Store / Google Play Store

For additional information, see Cash Management Mobile Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

*Mobile Deposit available within PeoplesBank Cash Management Mobile App for iOS® and Android™ only.

Lock Box

Expedite the collection of receivables and processing of incoming payments by sending payments directly to the bank. Automating your collection processes will improve efficiencies and increase cash flow.



Bill Pay

Save time, money and counter space with Bill Pay. Securely receive and pay bills online - just a few clicks and you're done. 

Enroll in Bill Pay through your PeoplesOnline Cash Management account. 

Learn more about Bill Pay.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

Eliminate the need and expense of issuing paper checks by initiating electronic ACH credits via PeoplesOnline Cash Management. This reliable and secure process gives you the flexibility to pay your employees or customers electronically thereby accelerating funds availability, improving cash flow, and reducing operational costs.

Tax Payments

PeoplesBank customers can pay taxes through PeoplesOnline Cash Management or by signing up with EFTPS.

Wire Transfer Services

For quick, accurate and secure payments or transfers to accounts throughout the world, initiate domestic and international wires via telephone, fax or PeoplesOnline Cash Management.*

*PeoplesOnline Cash Management services domestic wires only.

Zero Balance Accounts

Consolidate balances into one main operating account but maintain separate collection and disbursement accounts for record keeping purposes. By establishing ZBA accounts for your secondary accounts, you eliminate the need to maintain balances in multiple accounts and maximize the use of your cash balances. And best of all, you no longer need to make manual cash transfers!

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Check and ACH fraud are growing concerns for businesses today. PeoplesBank can provide you with the tools to help mitigate losses due to fraud.

PeoplesOnline Cash Management provides secure access codes and tokens and allows you to:

  • View account activity
  • Establish alerts
  • Define user access levels
  • Set dual control settings
  • Process real-time stop payments

5 tips to mitigate fraud and protect your business > 

Check Positive Pay Video

Check Positive Pay

Prevents unauthorized checks from posting to your account. When checks are presented for payment they are verified against a list of issued checks that you provided to PeoplesBank. 

ACH Positive Pay

Prevents unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to your account. Depending on your needs, you can choose to block all ACH transactions or authorize only specific vendors to access your account. 

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Reporting

The electronic transfer for business information in a standardized, computer-readable format.

Account Reconciliation

More efficient and cost-effective process to reconcile your business accounts.


For additional information, visit Security - Protect yourself from scams.



Automatic Sweep to Investment Account

PeoplesBank's sweep service allows you to invest idle balances while maintaining liquidity. On a daily basis, any excess funds above a predetermined required balance are automatically transferred to the investment account. If the balance falls below that required balance, funds are swept back into the checking account to cover disbursements on a daily basis.

* The Investment Account is not a deposit of, guaranteed or an obligation of the bank, is not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency or other type of deposit insurance, and may be subject to risk and loss of principal.

Automatic Sweep to Line of Credit

Based on a required balance in your checking account, PeoplesBank's loan sweep option automatically pays down your line of credit from excess funds whereby minimizing interest expense. And as needed, the loan sweep advances from your line of credit to meet your daily cash needs.

Additional Services

Additional Services


Eliminate manual reconciliation and balancing of accounts through PeoplesBank's Account Reconciliation Services. Depending on your business needs, we will provide a solution to automate your reconciliation and reporting processes saving you time and increasing your staff productivity.

CD Rom

On a monthly basis, receive a CD-ROM containing your paid check images. Through a locally installed program on your own computer, research your company's paid checks by number, amount or date paid.

Access24 Telephone Banking

Manage your money from any touch-tone phone, anywhere, any day, at anytime. Convenient, simple and secure, this free service lets you transfer funds and check balances.

To hear more about PeoplesBank's Cash Management solutions, email, call 413.493.7517 or contact David Thibault or Cynthia Wszolek.


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