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Unlock Potential: 5 Successful Secrets to Motivating EmployeesUnlock Potential: 5 Successful Secrets to Motivating Employees

As a business, your most valuable assets are your employees. When your staff is happy and motivated, they're more likely to perform at the highest levels. “The best way to create this type of environment is by giving everyone a sense of ownership,” says Margaret Lenihan, Senior Vice President, Cash Management at PeoplesBank.

In other words, get all your employees to think like entrepreneurs. “If your employees don't feel they own their own spaces,” adds Ms. Lenihan, “they will constantly wait for your day-to-day directions and expect you to solve every problem.”

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“Business needs change from year to year and business banking needs may have also changed as well.” - Dave Thibault, Vice President, Cash Management at PeoplesBankThe Financial Physical: An Annual Checkup to Ensure Your Business Is Banking Healthy

The secret of successful businesses is that they are constantly reassessing their business needs. While some aspects of a business, like employee performance or the need for new equipment, are reevaluated frequently, one aspect of a business—its banking—can often be overlooked. “Business owners should consider a financial physical,” suggests Dave Thibault, Vice President, Cash Management at PeoplesBank. “Business needs change from year to year and business banking needs may have also changed as well.

"Similar to a real physical, it’s a quick face-to-face chat. It allows my...

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Creating a High Performance CultureCreating a High Performance Culture

The recipe for high-performing employees might have less to do with “work” than you think.

Every business wants employees to perform at their best. Most of us get caught up in the various metrics that prove or disprove individual job performance. Of course this data is important, but what if it was less important than we think it is?

That is what we found at PeoplesBank when we set out to establish the values that would enable a high-performance culture. While the road map of our success is measured in years, the steps to creating a culture .....

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Businesswoman 101: Get A Mentor Now!Businesswoman 101: Get A Mentor Now!

The benefits of having a mentor are no secret in the business world.

Statistics show that mentees develop stronger skill sets, get promoted faster and earn more money. Despite all the research that shows the benefits of having a mentor, 63% of professional women report that they have never had one.

While Karen Buell, Vice President, Customer Innovation Lab at PeoplesBank, was not aware of the statistical benefits of being mentored, she knew that she wanted one. She contacted the Human Resources...

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